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Business & Hotels

We know that you want to attract more customers, be sustainable and support staff.

Well, with ePump you can do much more including:

What's Good About ePump

  • Fast charging - as fast as your supply allows at no extra cost

  • 3 phase or single phase supply 

  • Extra security as each charger has a camera

  • Electric car owners can reserve a charger

  • Each ePump has a computer installed and internet connected

  • Cars are recognised as they drive up with ANPR – no hassle charging

What's in it for business

round logo 2020 with name jpg.jpg
  • Earn an income from electricity supplied

  • ePump look after all billing and service – you receive money

  • Online access for all data on cars and electricity usage

  • Valuable data on customers and staff

  • Complete online control of charger use.

  • Government grants available

And personalise your charger with your name and logo.

There's a choice of colours too !

Make Money with ePump

You can earn an income by allowing others to charge at your premises.

Watch this short video to find out how to make a profit!

Franchise Opportunities

You can join us as an installer and benefit from the fastest growing EV charging network. Here's how!

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