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Local Authorities

Attract visitors with no hassle with the fastest, most secure and smartest charger around!

We work with Local Authorities to:

You will receive all of the following:

  • Support LA planning

  • Organise grant/procurement routes

  • Consider urban design

  • Help make streets nicer places to live and more accessible

  • Create no street clutter

  • Avoid cables running around

  • Personalise each charger with your name or location.

  • Choice of colour.

  • Fast charging - as fast as your supply allows

  • 3 phase or single phase included

  • Earn an income from electricity supplied

  • ePump look after all billing and service

  • Online access for all data on cars and electricity usage

  • Valuable data on customers and staff

  • Extra security as each charger has a camera

  • Superb numberplate recognition system

  • Reservation system

  • Complete online control of charger use

  • Government grants available

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