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Frequently asked questions

  • How quickly will it charge my car?
    ePump is a 3 phase and single phase charger. It has unique technology that will charge at the fastest speed your electricity supply will allow. Uniquely for single phase installations it will charge at 11kw, which is much faster than the standard 7.5kw. The actual final speed of installation depends on your car and its ability to take in power.
  • Why do you need my credit card details?
    The owner of the ePump you wish to use may provide electricity for free, but some will charge for this facility. After all, electricity is a valuable commodity these days. You can see any charges on your app at any time. It also gives you the ability to reserve a charger should you wish to be certain of charging at a certain time.
  • Can I see my monthly charges?
    Yes, we will send you a monthly summary by email each month at least 10 days before debiting your account. You can also see these on your app that any time.
  • How can I reserve a charger?
    Go to the app and putting the postcode, location or code for the ePump you wish to reserve. You can then click on the button to reserve it. There may be a reservation fee applicable. You have a 4 hour window to plug in and charge reserved just for you. No other car can use the charger during that time.
  • Charger not working
    Sometimes you just have to unplug your car completely and plug back in again. More serious faults cannot be remedied immediately and you have to go to your next nearest alternative ePump by finding it on the App. Our chargers are amazingly resilient and very rarely stop working. No power - contact the owner of the ePump which is usually the owner of the building it's attached to. It could be a simple matter of a tripped switch. No Internet connection - again contact the owner of the ePump. Display not showing - email us here with the unit’s serial number. Unit damaged - email us here with the unit’s serial number. Car won’t start charging though everything looks okay - unplug and plug back in again!
  • Overstay charges
    At busy charging locations or when a charger is reserved by someone else you will have to vacate the charger when reasonable. You will receive text information on vacating the ePump in question and could face onerous charges for overstaying your welcome! These charges are not set by ePump Ltd but by the charger owner, and you accept your obligation to pay them when you use the ePump.
  • How do I alter the price different people pay?
    Again, this is simple by going online to your back-office account we will set up for you and you can change things as you wish. You can provide electricity free for staff, at cost for customers, and make a profit from others. It's your choice!
  • How do I access data on use?
    It's simple you just have to logon to your account on your App which would have been set up at installation time and you can see all the data you need!
  • When will I receive my ePump?
    Place an order and you will be contacted for a survey appointment. At that survey we will give you an indication of when we can install. There is a huge demand at present for ePumps but don't worry it won't be long!
  • How do I get the government grant?
    The grant scheme has been changing but at present can offer £350 off the cost of the charger installation. To get the latest information click here - opens in new page....
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