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Smart Charging

Electric vehicles are set to revolutionise the transport sector around the world. This will lead to a huge increase in demand for electricity …. how can ePump help?


ePump has connected and controlled charging technologies that allow us to shift the time of the charge to accommodate an electricity system benefit.We can look at this on two levels.It could be a local level. At a location, car park or street you may have 20 different vehicles wanting to be charged at one time. So you might have to balance the load between the different ePump chargers at that particular time. ePump allows you to do this.Or there could be grid level constraints and we need to make sure that we are balancing our supply and demand.

What is smart about ePump?

From the on board camera giving extra security to the latest openPEN earthing there are lots of very smart things about ePump.

Power balancing

Your Income

Customer choice


ePump will automatically adjust power to balance the load between different ePump chargers on the same grid

ePump allows you to give a financial incentive at all levels to avoid exceeding your capacity by making it cheaper to charge at certain times more expensive at other

Customers can choose when they wish to charge their car to take advantage of off-peak electricity costs

Owners of an ePump charger can take control and adjust electricity access and usage if need be

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