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Installation is easy but you must work with a qualified electrician for safety purposes. Your ePump engineer or other electrician will quote separately for the work.

A simple process


Your ePump engineer will visit you to discuss

where and when you would like it installed.


You complete the paperwork and agree on

an installation date.


After installation they will show you how it works

– it’s simple!

What's included

The installation cost will depend on your situation but need not be expensive. We have a list of qualified electricians who are proven to be cost effective and very good. The process below describes most home and business installations.


The basic fee covers the installation of an ePump smart charger up to 10 m away from the electricity supply meter or distribution board.

Cable Management

The cable will be neatly clipped and surface mounted with up to 3m of plastic conduit to conceal internal wiring.

Attached to wall

A hole will be drilled through the wall and the charger attached to that wall.

WiFi or cat 5

The charger will be connected to the internet and all software updated.

Testing and Handover

The unit will be fitted and tested and the whole process should take less than two hours.

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