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Benefits of an Electric vehicle

While the initial upfront purchase price of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can be higher, this is offset by lower running costs over the lifetime of the vehicle. Plug-in cars offer a number of potential savings compared to conventional vehicles including


Longevity savings


A full charge in a pure electric vehicle will give a typical range of 200/300 miles and will cost £16 to £24. Driving 250 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around £100 which is around four times the cost of the electric car. The cost savings will be greatest when owners have access to an off-peak overnight electricity tariff.

There are fewer mechanical components in electric vehicles when compared with conventional vehicles. This often results in lower servicing and maintenance costs. Electric vehicles are expected to last for up to 5 times longer than petrol cars.

EV's can be great fun to drive with breathtaking acceleration!

Lower emissions

Apart from making you feel good, the lower emissions of plug-in vehicles means that they will attract lower charges from Clean Air Zones being implemented around the UK and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London.

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