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Fastest smart home charger.
Up to 11kw charging speed at home.

Plus a camera to make your car and home safer.

The best charger for your home.

  • £350 off price of installation using government grant

  • Instant charging at any other ePump

  • Permanent cable option

  • The maximum possible charging speed at no extra cost

  • You set prices for friends or visitors to pay for their own electricity

  • Up to 11kw single phase chargingEnergy monitor

  • Remote locking and unlocking

  • Control energy usage

  • Superb number plate recognition system

  • Choice of colours 

  • Put your name or house name or number on your charger free of charge!


ePump will work reliably for many years. Your maintenance contract will cover you for any call out plus a yearly safety visit.


ePump enables you to charge visitors for the electricity they use. So you will not be paying for someone else to drive about. You can even make a profit on its use.


At present there is a huge demand for our chargers and so there is a short wait of about 12 weeks to receive one. It will take time to get electricians to survey and quote for instal in any case.

The worlds' leading EV charger

The fastest possible charging from normal business or domestic electricity supplies, packed with lots of great features for ease of use, safety and style .

Full 3 year warranty.

Tested & proven to be safe and reliable.

Home grown... designed and made in the UK

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